abouT KIsha Solomon

My Life

I am my grandmother’s first grandchild. I am my mother’s only child. I am a Southerner. A 100% red clay Georgia peach. A godchild and a dirt worshipper. I’m a nerd, but not the comic book or video game type, the literature and drama type. I am a black woman. I am a Gemini. I am a hip-hop head. I am in love with words. I live to know.

My Work

I call myself a Jill-of-all-trades, but I most often find myself playing the role of facilitator, coordinator, advisor or educator. I specialize in all things digital. My primary philosophy about work is ‘work is play’. It’s my constant reminder to, stay curious, stay adaptable and keep learning.

My Travels

I don’t like to stay in one place for too long. I explore and immerse myself in different environments to satisfy my wanderlust and curiosity. My travel adventures tend to revolve around nature, local culture and food. I consider travel to be a valid form of education. I find ways to feel at home almost anywhere.

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Kisha Solomon is an Atlanta-based writer, knowledge worker and serial expat. She writes witty, poignant stories about the lessons she’s learned from her life, work and travels. She deals with the sometimes frustrating and often humorous side effects of being black, female and nerdy. When she’s not writing working or travelling, you can find her in deep conversation with herself or her four-legged familiar, Taurus the Cat.